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One of South America’s most successful towns

Santa Cruz is located in the center of South America, at an average of 2hrs ½ by plane from any of the five main Latin American cities.The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is located in the east part of Bolivia, which has a warmer weather than the rest of the country. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is characterized by its cheerful and hospitable people and it is considered the business capital of Bolivia

In 2015, Forbes magazine published an article highlighting that Santa Cruz de la Sierra was among the 14 fastest growing cities worldwide. That same year, the business magazine Foreign Direct Investment and Financial Times, cited that the eastern capital led the top 10 cities where investments can be made with greater efectiveness and profits. At the beginning of 2017, the prestigious english publication The Economist, highlighted Santa Cruz de la Sierra, as the most attractive city in Latin America to invest due to it’s promising future.